Toenail Conditions and Causes - Gentle Professional Foot Care

Most common toenail conditions do not represent a serious health risk. These are painless and could easily be hidden by wearing shoes. However, these are still health abnormalities and should get the same level of attention it deserves.

Yellowish nails – it is an indication of a fungal infection. The yellowish discoloration we see is caused by the air trapped between the toenail and nail bed. Any type of infection can be serious for diabetics. This should immediately consulted to a podiatrist. Dr. Charles Sulesky is a podiatrist who specializes in helping people with toenail conditions and disorders.

Green nails – the color indicates a bacterial infection. Just like a fungal infection, bacteria has gained access to your skin by direct contact with an infection surface.

Red/ black nails – the color is an indication of a hematoma caused by injury or tissue trauma. Red indicates blood has managed to reach the surface through a wound. Black can indicates dried blood from a recent injury.  

Senile lines – as the name indicates, these lines are caused by the aging process. Aging makes the nails less resilient making it thick and brittle. Avoid soaking the toes for prolonged periods of time to prevent it from worsening.

 Lines and ridges - this condition can be caused by hormonal changes such as pregnancy.

Redness and swelling around the toenail – both are indications of inflammation. It can be caused by bacterial or fungal infection. Creams and ointments are readily available for treating this condition. Proper hygiene or thoroughly drying the feet after bathing can prevent future infection.

 Chronic nail trauma – this can be caused by repeated injury to the toes. The toes become deformed due to improper healing. Conditions such as an ingrown toenail can also cause the toes to lose its normal shape.

 The problem with toenail conditions is that it can be caused by other diseases. At Charles A. Suleskey, DPM  located in Venice, Florida, we specialize in helping people with toenail conditions.  To schedule an appointment call (941) 493-7999.