Should Plantar Warts be a Cause of Concern? - Gentle Professional Foot Care

Plantar warts are caused by a viral infection.  The virus gains access to the body by entering skin breakages such as wounds or blisters. Infection is also possible through direct contact with infected skin. This is commonly found in public places such as showers, locker rooms and other wet surfaces. 

Plantar warts appear on the heels, areas which receive the most pressure. It can be seen as hard, grainy growths that can grow inward due to the pressure exerted in the area. Plantar warts do not pose a serious health concern and only require simple treatments. Pain and discomfort are felt in extreme cases. Visiting a podiatrist is advised when self-care treatments are ineffective. Dr. Charles Sulesky is a podiatrist who specializes in foot care and treating plantar warts.   

Plantar Warts, What To Look For: 

Plantar warts are a skin condition and may look like simple corns and calluses on the foot. In rare cases, serious medical problems such as skin cancers or melanoma can be mistaken as plantar warts. Self-diagnosis is discouraged. Medical professionals recommend regular visits to your doctor for early diagnosis of a disease. If you suspect any suspicious skin growths, consult a podiatrist for proper diagnosis. 

Corns, calluses and warts at first glance may look similar in appearance. These are hard and flat skin outgrowths. But a careful look shows that warts have a more defined border and raised compared to surrounding skin. Warts may also display some colors but are mostly gray. A tell-tale sign of warts is the appearance of pin point black spots. This is an indication of bleeding within the wart.  

Warts should not be taken lightly. Its diameter can grow to more than an inch. Warts can develop into multiple clusters and could even spread to the other foot. This is possible because warts are spread through direct contact with infected skin.

 Warts can grow inward as a result of pressure bearing down on the feet. Its location, the ball of the feet is a structure which directly supports our body weight. This can cause pain especially when performing intense activities that require foot work. 

This is why athletes and those who actively participate in sports activities are advised to have warts checked. It can affect their gait and throw them off-balance which may lead to injuries. 

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