Avoiding High Heel Injuries - Charles A. Suleskey, DPM

High heels is an essential part of any woman’s fashion repertoire. And everyday women across the world use this to climb stairs, walk to the office and even dance. But raising your heels a few inches off the ground is not exactly the optimum form when walking, jumping or running and is exactly the opposite.

While women have seemingly mastered the art of wearing high heels, it does not leave them immune from foot injuries. High heels may not be the healthiest pair of shoes available but crossing them out from a woman’s wardrobe is certainly out of the question.

Immediate relief from foot pain due to wearing high heels can be done by simply taking them off. For those with lingering pain even after resting the feet, this could already be an indication of foot injury. When this happens, a visit to the podiatrist is advised. Dr. Charles A. Suleskey is a podiatrist who specializes in helping people with foot injuries.

Regular Foot Massages

A foot massage at the end of the day helps soothe tired and aching foot muscles. Self-massage helps release built-up tension in your feet. Roll your feet while standing over a can or golf ball. Massaging the feet also promotes blood circulation to the area. Which helps loosen joints and muscles.

Shifting your center of gravity

Lifting your heel can increase the stress on the toes. This is an attempt by the body to maintain balance when moving forward. Avoid foot and toe injuries by shifting your center of gravity backwards. Practice this by performing squats in the gym to increase hip strength. This will help you keep your center of gravity slightly towards the back and away from your toes.


Keep your toes and ankle flexible

The toes and ankles are two of the most affected foot structures when wearing high heels. Because it affects how weight is normally distributed over the foot, activities such as walking or running difficult. Toe exercises such as toe pulling or flexes keep the toes in shape especially after a whole day of wearing high heels. Engage in foot strengthening exercises. This keeps your feet in tip-top shape and gives your feet the strength it needs when you’re planning to wear high heels all day.

The best way to avoid high heel injury is to give your feet much needed rest by simply removing your high heels whenever possible. You can also use that soft can to roll your feet over. Toe and feet stretching exercises performed a few minutes a day even at the office helps prevent foot injury from wearing high heels  

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