Better Joint Health for Rheumatoid Arthritis Prevention - Charles A. Suleskey

Rheumatoid arthritis is a condition that affects all the bones and joints in the body but 90 percent of cases are found in the foot and ankles. This is a chronic condition that can seriously affect our quality of life. It makes routine activities such as walking so difficult.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a condition commonly found in seniors. But this is not something inevitable and it is possible to enjoy a rheumatoid arthritis-free life. Rheumatoid arthritis can be prevented by living a healthy lifestyle. Eating a healthy diet and exercise can prevent joint damage in the future. A quick visit to a podiatrist could help you find treatment for foot rheumatoid arthritis. Dr. Charles A. Suleskey is a podiatrist who specializes in helping people suffering from foot Arthritis. 

Healthy Foods that Prevent Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Omega 3 rich foods. Omega 3 fatty acids are known for its anti-inflammation properties. This can be found in cold water fish such as salmon and calamari oil. It also has cholesterol busting properties so add a healthy heart to its many benefits. Including fish and other rich sources of Omega 3 keeps your joints healthy. It also reduces the production of prostaglandins which is responsible for triggering inflammation.
  • Vitamin D. This vitamin is essential in calcium absorption and without it, all your efforts to strengthen your bones and joints could go to waste. People who are vitamin D deficient increase their risk for chronic pain. Vitamin decreases your chance for joint inflammation.  Taking a daily morning walk can do wonders in increasing your body’s Vitamin D.
  • Chili Peppers. Spice up your food by eating chili peppers. Spicy food such as chili peppers contain Capsaicin, natural pain killers. It relieves pain caused by sprains, muscle spasms and rheumatoid arthritis. You could also turn it into a paste and apply directly over the joints.
  • Pineapples.  Who would guess that this delicious tropical fruit can also be used for rheumatoid arthritis? Pineapples contain an enzyme called bromelain. It can be used to reduce inflammation and reduce pain in people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis

The best cure for any disease is prevention. It is also the cheapest and most natural way of fighting rheumatoid arthritis. At Charles A. Suleskey, DPM located in Venice, Florida, we specialize in helping people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.  To schedule an appointment call (941) 493-7999