A Closer Look into Possible Causes of Toe Cramps - Charles A. Suleskey, DPM

Muscle cramps is a clear indication that our muscles are unable to cope to continuous physical activities. It signals that are body is unprepared and that we should stop whatever we are doing. Resting the muscle and giving it a massage can help us recover from the muscle cramp. But what should you do when this becomes a common occurrence? 

The toes are not exempted from cramps. This contain its own share of muscles and just like its counterparts is likely to suffer from cramps. But what is concerning is that unlike major muscle groups, the toes do not undergo the same amount of activity such as those seen in the legs or arms. Toe cramps can be caused by something more serious than our toe muscles running out of energy. 

To understand toe cramps better. Let us take a closer look into the possible causes of toe cramps. If this becomes a common occurrence then it is advised that you visit a podiatrist. Dr. Charles A. Suleskey is a podiatrist who specializes in helping people with foot disorders. 

 Possible Causes of Toe Cramps?

  • Just like any muscle, our toes are likely to have cramps when the muscles are unable to sustain its activity due to acid buildup or lack of energy sources. Toe muscles cease to function simply because it has reached its physical limits which is rarely since it does not exert the same effort in major muscle groups.
  • Aging can also be a cause of toe cramps. Some of the changes that happen with aging includes the loss of muscle mass. When muscles lose mass it has to work harder to perform its usual routine. With feet and toes involved in running or jumping, the stress of performing these activities can be overwhelming when we age.
  • People suffering from diabetes or liver disease have a higher chance of suffering from frequent toe cramps. Diabetes can result to peripheral neuropathy which damages nerve toes. Liver disease on the other hand can result to higher toxin levels in the blood. Toxin buildup in the toes can cause spasms or cramps.
  • Medications can be another cause of toe cramps. Diuretics that promote fluid loss and cholesterol lowering medications can lead to toe cramps. Cramps can be an indication of poor health or a symptom of a disease such as diabetes.  

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