Why Do We Get Toe Cramps? Charles A. Suleskey, DPM

Toes are no exception when it comes to cramps. It is perfectly normal for us to experience cramps. The mechanisms behind cramps are quite simple and having toe cramps is not far from happening.  The toes just like the rest of our feet are used for walking, running or jumping.

So you can imagine just how much of a workout these get each day. But if toe cramps happens more than the usual then this can already be a cause for concern. A quick visit to a podiatrist could help identify possible causes and how to avoid toe cramps in the future. Dr. Charles Sulesky is a podiatrist who specializes in helping people with foot disorders.

Possible causes of toe cramps

Fatigue and dehydration are common causes of cramps. This can be a result of prolonged physical activity and the inability of our body to supply much needed energy. Low electrolyte levels can cause muscle cramps.

People at the peak of their or those at the height of their health are less likely to suffer from toe cramps. However, episodes of cramps increase as we age and lose muscle mass. As a result, muscles have to work harder in order to perform our usual routines and even harder when we’re running or jumping.

Toe cramps can also be caused by an underlying medical condition. People with diabetes or liver disease are more likely to get toe cramps. Diabetics are at high risk for developing peripheral neuropathy. This condition damages nerves at our extremities including the toes and fingers. Damage to toe nerves can result to pain and cramping.

Liver disease interferes with how we eliminate toxins from our body. Toxins enter the blood stream and is circulated throughout the body. Toxins can buildup in our toes causing cramps.

Too little sodium, calcium, magnesium and potassium is also a leading cause of cramps. Mineral deficiency deprives muscles or much needed nutrients for normal functioning. These minerals are essential for optimum nerve and muscle functioning. 

Toe cramps can be caused by taking certain medications. Diuretics or medications which promote fluid loss and cholesterol lowering medications can increase your chances for toe cramps.

Toe cramps in itself do not pose any health concern and is merely and inconvenience. But it can also be an indication of poor nutrition, weak muscles or an underlying medical condition such as diabetes.  

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