Is Your New Year’s Resolution a Pain in the Lower Leg?

Did you make a commitment to get in shape for 2017? Are you now experiencing the following symptoms:

· Pain, in the form of aching or soreness anywhere along the back of your leg from the top of your heel up to just below your calf muscle; the pain may be worse in the morning or after you have been sitting and may increase with activity

·   Stiffness in the same area

· Tenderness at the back of the lower leg when touched or squeeze

If yes, you may be experiencing Achilles tendonitis, a condition that we at Gentle Professional Foot Care treat frequently at this time of the year.

The Exercise/Achilles Connection

One of the primary causes of Achilles tendonitis is a sudden increase in an activity that involves this large tendon. Patients who resolve to get in shape and begin a walking, running or other fitness program and who have been inactive for a long period of time often suffer from this condition. Gung ho to make progress and see results, people tend to do too much too soon and the repetitive strain on the tendon causes it to become inflamed. In addition to overuse, patients with flatfeet are also more prone to Achilles tendonitis.

Hit the Reset Button

Fortunately, Achilles tendonitis is an easily treated problem, particularly if you stop as soon as you notice symptoms and seek treatment. Our podiatrist, Charles A. Suleskey, DPM, will want to examine your foot and lower leg and get a health history as well as information about your recent activities to make an accurate diagnosis. Digital x-rays or other imaging studies may also be ordered. If the foot doctor confirms that the source of your pain is Achilles tendonitis you’ll need to take a break from your new fitness routine to allow your Achilles tendon to heal. Depending on the severity of the damage, the foot doctor may recommend immobilization, icing, physical therapy and/or other treatments to help relieve pain and get you back on track. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, contact our Venice office for any appointment as soon as possible by calling: 941-493-7999.