Get in the Habit of Checking Your Feet

You brush your teeth twice a day, take a vitamin to ensure all your nutrition needs are met and exercise 3 times a week. These are all healthy habits, but what are you doing for your feet? At Gentle Professional Footcare we know that conducting self checks on your feet regularly greatly increases foot health. Patients who know their own feet well are more likely to find problems early before they become debilitating and difficult to treat. Here are four areas that can be quickly and easily checked:

Appearance—do you notice any changes in how your feet look? Be alert to swelling, bruising and lumps, rashes or discoloration of the skin or nails, change in shape or size of your feet. Something that looks abnormal on the outside of your foot may indicate a problem on the inside or a systemic problem throughout your body.

Mobility—stiffness, limited range of motion or difficulty maintaining your balance may be a sign of a disease such as arthritis or diabetes. It can also be an indication that you are overdoing a particular activity.

Sensation—are you experiencing any loss of feeling in your feet? Use the eraser end of a pencil or other dull object and run it over your entire foot. Note if there are any areas of decreased sensation. This is often an early warning sign of diabetes or a nerve problem.

Pain—if you have any type of pain in your toes, feet or ankles that is ongoing, no matter how minor, it is almost always a sign of something that requires medical attention. From disease, to injury to overuse to poor footwear choices, pain can signal that a change is needed before serious damage is done. If you are in pain, whether chronic, constant, or intermittent, contact our Venice office to arrange an appointment with our podiatrist, Dr. Charles A. Suleskey. Gentle Professional Footcare will help you find the source of the pain and get the appropriate treatment to bring relief and get you back on track with your active life.