Surprising Benefits from Your Foot Doctor Appointment


You have a pain in your foot that you can’t identify, your bunion has reached the stage where it’s really hurting to wear shoes or you twisted your ankle and think it might be sprained. These are all common and obvious reasons that patients come to us at Gentle Professional Foot Care. Oftentimes, however, we hear patients express surprise over recommendations or diagnoses that our podiatrist, Dr. Charles A. Suleskey, makes. Below are some perhaps unexpected benefits you may receive when you visit our Venice office.

Shoe Suggestions—one of the most important factors in foot health is shoe choice. When you come in for an appointment, the foot doctor may ask to look at your shoes to see the wear patterns and may also want to know about the types of shoes you wear most often. Going barefoot or frequently wearing flip flops means your feet are not getting adequate arch support which can in turn lead to issues like plantar fasciitis and flat feet. High heels and shoes with narrow toe boxes can be a contributing factor to toe deformities such as hammertoes and bunions. You may come to see us about a foot problem and walk out with a “prescription” for new shoes that will help relieve a foot disorder and reduce the risk of future foot issues.

Systemic Disease Diagnosis—many people do not realize that your foot can be the first place that some major diseases that affect your whole body first show symptoms. Diabetes, psoriasis, arthritis and other conditions can be indicated by certain symptoms in your feet and toes. For this reason, any changes or unusual symptoms in your feet, even if they are not causing you pain, should be brought to the foot doctor’s attention.

Lower Extremity Relief—it’s not unusual for patients to come back to us after treatment for a foot problem and tell us that now their ankle or knee feels better too. Podiatrists deal with your lower extremities—that’s everything from the knee down. Many foot and ankle conditions are caused by or impact the rest of your lower leg. If you are suffering discomfort in your calf or knee, let the foot doctor know.  Chances are it’s related to your feet.

At Gentle Professional Foot Care we believe a well-educated patient makes the best choices for foot health. If you have any questions about a lower extremity issue—even if you’re not sure it relates directly to your feet—feel free to contact us by calling: 941-493-7999.