Questions about Ankle Pain


You find that your ankle is stiff sometimes or hurts after you take a long walk or play a sport you enjoy. Occasionally your ankle swells up for no apparent reason. At Gentle Professional Foot Care we find that chronic ankle pain can be a bit of a mystery to our patients. Below are some common questions we hear about this condition and what you can do about it:

What causes chronic ankle pain and stiffness?

Ongoing ankle discomfort can have several different causes, including:

·Previous ankle sprains or injuries that did not heal fully or have caused the formation of scar tissue

·A fracture in one of the ankle bones

·Arthritis or other medical issue that causes joint inflammation

·Nerve damage in the ankle

How does the foot doctor diagnose a chronic ankle problem?

Since consistent ankle discomfort can come from many different sources, it’s essential that our podiatrist, Dr. Charles A. Suleskey, examine your ankle and take a complete medical history to track down the cause of your pain. Digital x-rays (which can be performed right in our Venice office) and/or other imaging studies may be ordered to help facilitate the diagnosis.

Once the podiatrist diagnoses the ankle condition, can anything be done about it?

Yes, once the foot doctor knows the cause of the ankle discomfort there are multiple treatment options available. Dr. Suleskey will work with you to find the best plan, but it may include some or all of the following treatments:

·Medications: nonsteroidal or steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs may be prescribed to reduce pain and swelling

·Braces: these may be used to protect the ankle from twisting and getting re-injured as well as to provide support and partially immobilize the ankle so healing can take place

·Physical therapy: exercises, stretching and other physical therapy modalities can help retrain and strengthen your muscles as well as improve range of motion and balance

If my ankle is bothering me should I wait a while to see if it clears up on its own?

No, it’s best to contact us by calling: 941-493-7999 and make an appointment as soon as possible. Continuing to walk around with chronic ankle pain or instability increases your risk of an ankle sprain which could lead to greater disability.