It’s Time to Call the Foot Doctor

If you’ve suffered an injury to your toe, ankle or foot or you are experiencing sudden and severe foot pain, most likely no one will need to urge you to contact the podiatrist. At Gentle Professional Foot Care, however, we find patients are often reluctant to call us for less urgent reasons and we wish they would. So many podiatric conditions are best treated in their early stages. To help you decide whether to make an appointment or wait, we’ve put together the list below. You should call the doctor if you notice:

·Persistent pain in your toes, feet or ankles and particularly if that pain seems to be increasing. Pain, by the way, includes aching, stabbing, burning, pins and needles—basically any sensation that is uncomfortable.

·Skin changes such as rashes, redness, cracking, peeling or changes in skin color.

·Infection indicators: red streaks from a painful area, a sensation of warmth or heat in the affected area, redness, pus or discharge from a wound, fever. If you notice signs of an infection, contact the podiatrist as soon as possible. If you are a patient with diabetes, a foot infection can be a major medical threat. Don’t delay in seeking treatment.

·An existing infection seems to be spreading to other parts of the foot or body, such as athlete’s foot that moves from between the toes to the soles of the feet.

·Overall changes in your feet including lumps, swelling, bruises or cuts, disfigurement or misalignment of toes.

·Toenail changes like thickening of the nails, discoloration, peeling or crumbling.

For some minor conditions you may try using an over-the-counter foot care product. If, however, your symptoms are not improved within two weeks, it’s time for our podiatrist, Dr. Charles A. Suleskey to evaluate your foot. The bottom line is when in doubt, contact our Venice office for an appointment by calling: 941-493-7999. You’ll be glad you did!