Tips for Senior Foot Health

Let’s face it: as we age there are some parts of our bodies that are going to start to wear down and create health concerns for our feet. There are also come conditions that are genetic or the result of an injury we sustained long ago. But, at Gentle Professional Foot Care we want our senior patients to know that there are many foot problems that are not inevitable. By following some simple suggestions you can prevent many common foot conditions and spot others in their earliest stages which will ensure the least invasive treatments and best outcomes. Make these tips part of your regular foot care regimen:

· Check your feet daily. Look for bruises, cracks in the skin, blisters, lumps or swelling. This is even more important if you have diabetes because even minor foot issues can quickly become major health threats for diabetic patients. If it is difficult to see all parts of your foot ask someone to assist you. Report any unusual changes to the podiatrist.

· Follow a hygiene plan. Wash feet with mild soap every day and dry them completely. Make sure you especially dry between the toes to help prevent athlete’s foot. Moisturize your feet with a rich cream or lotion containing lanolin, shea butter or coconut oil. Avoid water-based lotions as these can cause dry skin to return.

· Wear good shoes. This is perhaps the single biggest way you can help your feet. Buy good quality shoes that are supportive and comfortable. If you have deformities such as hammertoe, bunions, or flat feet our podiatrist, Dr. Charles A. Suleskey can recommend styles that will take the pressure off the trouble spots. The foot doctor may also prescribe an orthotic insert to help with pressure and balance issues.

· Keep toes trimmed straight across. This will help prevent ingrown nails.

· Maintain good circulation. Don’t sit for long periods of time with your legs crossed. Avoid tight socks or hosiery and keep moving!

If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort in your ankles or feet or you have questions about how to proactively care for your feet don’t hesitate to contact our Venice office for an appointment.