Summer Shoes that Leave Your Feet Needing a Vacation

Men’s sandals—known as “mandals”—have become a popular foot fashion but this footwear trend has also resulted in an increase number of visits to Gentle Professional Foot Care for some not so popular foot conditions. Unfortunately, while they may be considered fashion forward, many of these sandals are not well made and do not provide good arch support or cushioned soles. This can lead to heel pain, Achilles tendonitis, big toe issues and even stress fractures. Another common summer favorite—flip flops—although as common as sea gulls at an outdoor restaurant, are equally as dangerous to your feet. The wide open design leaves your foot wide open to injury from dropped items and the lack of security means many stubbed toes and twisted ankles. Again, there is virtually no support so heel and sole pain are frequent accessories to this summer style.

Of course, no one wants to go around during the summer months in Florida with their feet laced up in heavy sneakers but there is a happy medium. When you shop for summer shoes follow these tips and you’ll end up with a style that looks good and also is good for your feet, toes and ankles:

·Start with a checkup with our podiatrist, Dr. Charles A. Suleskey. The foot doctor can identify existing food conditions and make recommendations about styles that will be the most comfortable and do the least harm.

·Have your feet professionally measured. Oftentimes one foot is larger than the other (always buy for the bigger foot) and also, our foot size can change as we age.

·Look for soles that are cushioned for shock absorption and also that are skid resistant for slippery surfaces like boat docks and pool decks.

·Be sure straps fit securely and that there is no loose stitching or rough spots on the shoes. You’ll want to be sure your feet are protected from blisters, especially for sandals and shoes that you wear without socks.

·Try on both shoes and take your time walking around the store to be sure they feel comfortable before your purchase.

If you have more questions about fitting shoes for your particular feet, contact our Venice office by calling: 941-493-7999.