4 Questions to Ask at the Nail Salon

Getting a professional pedicure is a treat many of our patients here at Gentle Professional Foot Care enjoy, but as foot health professionals it’s our job to help you keep your feet safe. Since foot and nail infections such as athlete’s foot and fungal nails are spread by direct contact it’s important that you be extra careful in places such as nail salons that offers pedicures. Below are some questions to consider about your salon:

  1. Is the salon licensed? If yes, the license from the state governing board should be prominently displayed.
  2. Is it clean? This may seem obvious but take a look around and be sure that the floors, sinks, and work stations are clean. There’s a good chance that if a salon is not fastidious about cleanliness in other areas of shop they may also be cutting corners when it comes to sanitary policies for pedicures. Check to see that nail technicians wash their hands between clients too.
  3. Are the foot baths piped or pipe-less? Whirlpool foot baths that have pipes can harbor bacteria in the system even if the salon is diligent about cleaning the actual tub.
  4. How are pedicure tools cleaned? Some salons disinfect their tools with a cleaning solution. The best choice is autoclaving which actually sterilizes the tools, killing all bacteria or single-use tool packs. Another option is to bring your own tools. You should also bring your own flip flops to the salon. If you forget and need to purchase a pair there, be sure that they are new (preferably in the original package).

We also recommend that you not get a pedicure if you have any cuts or open sores on your feet or if you have an ingrown toenail. Refrain from shaving 24 hours prior to a pedicure as well. All of these can provide open access for bacteria to enter your body and should be avoided.

If you do notice any symptoms of a possible infection: red, itchy skin, thickened or discolored toenails or anything else abnormal about the skin or nails on your feet, contact our Venice office for an appointment by calling: 941-493-7999. Our podiatrist, Dr. Charles A. Suleskey will examine your feet and toenails to determine if there are any issues that require treatment.