Vacation Packing: Don’t Forget Your Foot Care Needs

You’ve packed the swimmies for the kids, a new sundress for al fresco dining, golf clubs and bathing suits, but what have you put in your suitcase for your feet? At Gentle Professional Foot Care, we hear about many summer vacations that go south due to foot pain or injury. Many of these are preventable if you pack a few helpful essentials to keep your feet safe and happy.

 If the Shoe Fits—this may seem obvious, but comfortable shoes that fit properly are essential for a good vacation. Many times patients will buy new shoes for a trip only to discover that they are not so comfortable when put to the test and their activities become severely limited. Pack for all possible activities: you don’t want flip flops for beach volleyball or sandals for a “must see” mountain hike. Check to be sure children haven’t outgrown their shoes either.

 Fun in the Sun—you most likely will be bringing sunscreen on your summer vacation but this is a reminder to apply it to your feet (tops and bottoms) just as frequently as you apply to other parts of your body. Remember to reapply after swimming. Even a day of sightseeing with open sandals can result in a bad sunburn.

 Don’t be that “Fungi”—warm, damp places are where fungi thrive. If you’ll be enjoying a resort pool, going to the beach or even enjoying the gym or spa where you’re staying be sure to pack a pair of shower shoes or flip flops. Athlete’s foot, fungal toenails and plantar warts are all spread by direct contact so these shoes will keep your feet protected. Limit flip flop use to these venues, however. Overuse of these popular summer shoes can result in foot pain and injury due to their complete lack of support and shock absorbing ability.

 To the Rescue—pack a small first aid kit with moleskin for blisters, bandages and antibiotic ointment for minor cuts and nail clippers and emery board to deal with snagged toenails. These small and simple items can save your feet in a big way if you encounter these minor, but potentially side-lining nuisances.

 Sometimes, no matter how prepared you are, foot pain and injuries occur. Be sure to handle acute conditions promptly and follow up with our podiatrist, Dr. Charles A. Suleskey, when you return. Contact our Venice office for an appointment by calling 941-493-7999.