Plantar Fibroma: True or False


At Gentle Professional Foot Care, one condition that we find patients are usually unfamiliar with until they develop it is a plantar fibroma. Along the bottom of your foot there is a long band of tissue known as the plantar fascia. A plantar fibroma is a knot or nodule that forms in the plantar fibroma. Below are some true/false facts about fibromas:

Plantar fibromas are usually detected because they are quite painful.

FALSE: Plantar fibromas may or may not be painful. In many instances patients discover them by feeling the arch of their feet and finding a lump. If a plantar fibroma grows larger it can start to hurt due to pressure from standing or from footwear.

Fibromas may be cancerous.

FALSE: They are benign. However, because a patient cannot diagnose the cause of a lump and since not all lumps are fibromas, an appointment should be made as soon as a lump is detected at our Venice office. Our podiatrist, Dr. Charles A. Suleskey, will examine your foot and particularly the lump. An MRI or biopsy may be ordered to further help in making a diagnosis.

You can get relief from the pain of a fibroma without surgery.

TRUE: There are several non-surgical treatments available for plantar fibroma, including corticosteroid injections to relieve pain and possibly reduce the size of the fibroma, physical therapy and custom orthotic devices to shift pressure and weight away from the fibroma. An orthotic is usually only an option if the fibroma has been stable for a while and is not increasing in size.

Plantar fibromas may disappear over time.

FALSE: The only way to get rid of a plantar fibroma is to remove it surgically.

Surgically removing a fibroma may have unwanted consequences.

TRUE: There is a risk in removing the fibroma of the arch flattening and also of the development of a hammertoe. That’s why your foot doctor will evaluate your present condition and weigh the option of surgery against your current level of discomfort and disability.

If you have discovered a lump in the arch of your foot, contact us as soon as possible by calling us at 941-493-7999.