Heel Pain Is Real Pain


Just like the sun, your feet rise and your feet set! If you have been experiencing pain in your heels, let our Podiatrist Dr. Charles A. Suleskey help diagnose your condition.  Your heels hit the ground running as soon as you get out of bed, therefore it is important that they stay healthy to keep your day going at the right pace from morning to night. But one of the culprits is the dry, hot weather you live in. It can cause your heels to crack which can not only be painful but unpleasant looking.

Some of the causes of heel fissures or dry heels are:

  • Exposure to dry air

  • Improper foot care

  • Poor diet

  • Standing for long periods of time

  • Aging from approximately 50 and up

If any of these causes sound familiar, then you may have to make some changes to your foot care routine, especially if you want to get back into your favorite beach sandals. Medicated creams and some handmade solutions can easily repair the fissures if treated quickly.

Another more common cause of heel pain can be the onset of plantar fasciitis which is a condition that can be treated easily in our office. This condition is typically caused by irritation to the plantar fascia, which are the dense tissue bands that connect the toes to the heels.

Symptoms may include:

  • Pain first thing in the morning as you step out of bed

  • Numbness in your arch or heel

  • Burning sensation in the heel area

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, you could have plantar fasciitis. This ailment usually means that a ligament is strained and, if untreated, can cause increased damage to your heel therefore creating more pain.


  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug - this could help reduce inflammation which will relieve pain

  • Steroid injection - the injection goes into the most painful part of the fascia and is expected to temporarily ease or reduce pain for approximately one month

  • Physical therapy - you will learn to exercise and stretch your plantar fascia to help strengthen the tendons and muscles

  • Rest and ice - these are usually tried early on with your symptoms, but could help if the condition has not progressed to the point of needing the treatments mentioned above

If the pain in your heels has disabled your daily activity or if it just simply disrupts your day, please schedule a visit with our podiatrist at Gentle Professional Foot Care to get the treatment you need. Call our office in Venice, Florida at 914-493-7999 to make an appointment with our podiatrist. Let the professionals be gentle with your feet!