Defining Plantar Fasciitis


Wikipedia says that Fas-ci-i-tis is an inflammation of the fascia of a muscle or organ. However, hGentle Professional Foot Care says it is heel pain that can be treated conveniently in the office.

Here are a few methods used in the office to help:

  • Strapping

  • Physical therapy

  • Night splints

  • Injections

Foot pain is an incredible inconvenience and can prevent you from enjoying life. Why put up with the pain when you can have Charles A. Suleskey, DPM diagnose and treat your condition?

How to avoid developing plantar fasciitis

  • Exercise and stretch the arch muscles every day. This will strengthen those muscles so they don’t become weak.

  • Maintain a healthy weight which will minimize the stress on your feet.

  • Chose supportive shoes and avoid high heels.

  • Replace your athletic shoes every season to avoid wearing worn out sneakers without support.

  • Change your sport to one that does not put pressure on the arch or heel.

  • Apply ice whenever you have been on your feet for too long.

Pain from plantar fasciitis can last for several weeks or months and will range from a moderate to high level depending on how you treat it. The pain could possibly go away on its own with some rest, but it will likely take longer to get you back on track if you wait it out.

This condition generally happens with people who have flat feet, run every day, or people who are overweight or on their feet a lot. In one study from the American Academy of Family Physicians, 25% of patients with plantar fasciitis reported that rest was the most effective form of recovery.

Resting is the most effective treatment, but it doesn’t have to be boring. You can try a few of these suggestions on your own:

  • Hot foot bath at home with some scented bath salts for extra relaxation

  • Foot message from your favorite spa

  • Raising your feet on a comfortable footstool while watching a good movie or TV show

Physical therapy can also play a big role in recovery, but you will need to make an appointment with a podiatrist before entering into therapy. Therapy will teach you how to effectively stretch the tendons and strengthen lower leg muscles which will then steady your ankles and heels.

You don’t have to let plantar fasciitis define you, but you can let Gentle Professional Foot Care fix it! Our office is conveniently located in Venice, Florida and we can be reached at 941-493-7999  for an appointment.