Sugar and Your Feet

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This Combination Is Not Sweet At All

The craving for sugar is very strong and can pull you in quickly, so planning a better diet with less sugar will directly improve the health of your feet. If you slowly start to replace things like soda and juice with black tea or coffee, that is a good start. Sugar cravings usually come at the most inopportune time, so be prepared at work or in the car with a healthy alternative. Eventually, your taste buds will change and you will start craving food that isn't so sweet anymore.

But the question you may be asking at this point is what does this have to do with my feet?  Too much sugar can lead to diabetes. Diabetic foot can come very quickly thereafter and, in turn, requires a lot of attention to avoid serious repercussions like wounds and poor circulation.

Sugar Addiction Travels to Your Feet

Sugar was a basic source of energy for our bodies at one time in our lives. It gave us the energy needed to survive the day. Back then, the main source of sugar came from natural fruit and was consumed only when energy was needed. Those days were certainly long ago, but we still manage to relate the sweet taste to survival. Here lies the problem – sugar is no longer gotten from fresh fruit as much as it is manufactured in all of our food. Without diving any deeper into our past ancestor’s history and the food train wreck of today, we can simply agree that too much processed sugar in our lifetime can cause an addiction which causes health problems. Our feet take the brunt of that bad habit and can become severely damaged over time.

Swelling, Sugar and Your Podiatrist

Consuming a high sugar diet can affect blood cells in your body which increases inflammation. The bottom line is that other foot conditions can become worse with swelling, such as plantar fasciitis, tendonitis and arthritis. Direct sugar intake isn’t always the culprit, as wheat and starchy foods can also cause your blood sugar to rise as well. Before your feet get to this point, you can get the help that you need. If you have diabetes and suffer from diabetic foot wounds, neuropathy or inflammation, call Gentle Professional Foot Care at 941-493-7999 and make an appointment with Charles A. Suleskey. The office is conveniently located at 1832 Tamiami Trail South in Venice Florida.