12 Questions to Ask Before You Have Bunion Surgery


Bunions are a progressive disorder. This means that they will never improve without medical treatment. They progress at different speeds, however, and treatment started in the early stages of a bunion can greatly slow its progression. When nonsurgical treatments fail to bring relief of bunion pain and the condition begins to interfere with everyday living, that’s when we at Gentle Professional Foot Care start to think about surgical options.

There are a number of different procedures available to correct bunions. Goals of bunion surgery generally include reducing pain, removing the bony bump and correcting changes in structure and soft tissue. Our podiatrist, Dr. Charles A. Suleskey, encourages patients to get answers to all their questions before surgery. Informed patients make the best choices and also avoid surprises during recovery. Below are a dozen questions you should ask before undergoing bunion surgery:

1.       What will happen if I wait a while before having this surgery?

2.       Which surgical procedure do you recommend and why?

3.       What is the goal of this surgery?

4.       What are the success rates in attaining those goals?

5.       What risks are associated with this procedure?

6.       Where will the surgery be performed and what type of anesthesia will be used?

7.       Will the surgery be done as an outpatient or will I need to stay in the hospital overnight?

8.       How many of these surgeries have you done?

9.       What will the pain be like after the surgery and what measures for relief will be available?

10.   How long will it be before I can bear weight on my foot?

11.   Will I need to arrange for outside help immediately following surgery?

12.   How long will the overall recovery be? How long before I can drive and go back to work?

Knowing what to expect before, during and after your bunion surgery will allow you to put everything in place beforehand to ensure a smooth recovery. Perhaps as important, you’ll have peace of mind going into your surgery.

If you are wondering if you need surgery to correct your bunion, contact our Venice office for an appointment by calling: (941) 493-7999.