Be Proactive about the Health of Your Feet


Did you know that April is Foot Health Awareness Month? At Gentle Professional Foot Care, we thought this would be a great opportunity to get back to basics and remind patients about ways you can keep your feet and ankles healthy and helping you live the active life you love.

Avoid Fungal Infections—athlete’s foot, fungal toenails, warts and other infections are spread by direct contact with the fungus or bacteria that cause them. Protect your feet by keeping them covered—especially in public places—and not sharing items such as shoes, socks, towels and nail clippers that touch other people’s feet. Washing your feet every day with a mild soap and warm water, and then drying them thoroughly will also go a long way toward preventing infections.

Don’t Ignore Changes—checking your feet regularly will help you more easily spot changes in shape, size, color and temperature, as well as lumps, rashes or cuts that are not healing. These changes may all signal the beginning of a foot condition. Contact our Venice office (941-493-7999) and schedule an appointment if you notice anything abnormal about your feet, toes or ankles. Our foot and ankle surgeon, Dr. Charles A. Suleskey, will want to examine your feet and determine if what you’ve noticed is a foot problem that requires treatment or monitoring.

Choose Shoes Wisely—one of the best ways to take good care of your feet is to wear shoes that are well-made and provide the proper arch and ankle support for your feet. Foot size changes as you age. Get professionally measured and buy shoes that are right for the activity you will be doing. Avoid high heels and shoes that are narrow in the front and squeeze the toes together.

Monitor Chronic Conditions—if you have diabetes, arthritis, a bunion or other foot or ankle disorder that is progressive or ongoing, it’s important that you schedule regular checkups with the foot doctor. These types of potentially debilitating podiatric issues can be kept under control, and pain and discomfort minimized, if you stay on top of them and change your treatment regimen as necessary.

Make good foot health a priority this month and the whole year through!