Summer Vacation Pack List


Your summer vacation is finally here! At Gentle Professional Foot Care, we want to remind our patients to leave a little room in your suitcase for some small but essential items that will protect your feet while you are away.

Shoe Wardrobe—pack the right shoes for the activities you will be doing. Don’t choose fashion over function when traveling. It’s also best to bring shoes that you know fit and are comfortable. If you buy a new pair, be sure to wear them a bit before you go to make sure they don’t rub or pinch anywhere. Flip-flops or shower shoes are necessary too if you will be in a public place for swimming to protect against fungal infections.

Orthotics—chronic foot conditions don’t take a holiday. If our podiatrist, Dr. Charles A. Suleskey, has prescribed a custom orthotic device to help manage an ongoing foot disorder, don’t forget to bring it with you. With the extra walking many vacations entail, you could come back with seriously hurting feet if you don’t use your orthotics.

Moleskin—this small item has saved many a vacation. Sometimes with sweat and extra walking, even shoes that have always been comfortable can start to rub and cause a blister to form. Cut a small piece of moleskin and apply to a spot as soon as it feels a little sore. This should prevent a full-on blister from forming. Change to a different pair of shoes as soon as you are able to.

Water Bottle—you may wonder what a water bottle does for your feet, but swelling (also called edema) of the feet and ankles is common if you are on your feet for long days and even worse during the summer months. Drinking water—although it may sound counterintuitive—actually helps your body eliminate excess fluid and can reduce painful swelling of the feet.

Sunscreen—your feet are just as likely to get sunburn as the rest of your body. Even if you are not spending the day at the beach, if you will be outside and wearing open shoes that expose the skin on your feet, don’t forget to apply sunscreen. If you do go in the water, reapply after you come out.

If despite your best efforts you come back from your travels with foot pain, contact our Venice office for an appointment (941-493-7999) soon after your return. The foot doctor will diagnose the source of your discomfort and prescribe the correct treatment.