Foot Resolutions


The New Year is here and it is that time of year to make “New Year” resolutions. Perhaps we will try treating ourselves better, creating new goals or improving our shortcomings.  We are used to the most common resolutions like getting into shape, eating healthier, saving more money, giving up candy and the list goes on and on.  While these are all noble attempts to create a better year, maybe a unique reflection on how we maintain our feet would be wise. Good health starts with our feet since everything else is directly related to movement and our feet are the foundation of everything we do.

These healthy tips may sound so simple but somehow get forgotten as we get on with our daily routines.

  • Examine your feet for problems like blisters, corns or warts. Look at soles for scaling and peeling to avoid athlete’s foot. More importantly, if you have diabetes, you should check your feet daily to avoid risk of infection.

  • Cut toenails properly with clean tools. If you trim too close, the skin can cause a painful ingrown toenail. This could result in losing the nail or spreading infection to the rest of the toe if left untreated.

  • Keep feet dry and clean all the time to avoid nail fungus growth. Dry between each toe after washing your feet with soapy water. Dry feet cannot breed as much bacteria.

  • Select a breathable shoe or sneaker to give your feet the air they need. When your feet are trapped in a tightly-closed shoe, they do not get the proper circulation they need to stay dry and healthy.

  • Don’t hide ugly toenails with nail polish. A discolored, thick and cracked nail is likely to become infected with a fungus and make the problem more intense.

  • Know when to see a doctor in order to diagnose and treat your condition. When you self-treat a painful problem or incorrectly diagnose your symptoms, a big problem can become bigger which ultimately requires more attention.

Charles A. Suleskey can examine anyone from infants to seniors with problems ranging from wound care to arch pain and anything in between. The office of Gentle Professional Foot Care is conveniently located in Venice, Florida and can accurately diagnose and treat your concerns today. Call us at 941-493-7999 and let us get started right away. Our resolution is to get your feet in good health so they can take you into 2019 with ease.